Focus on Young Writers

I have been doing some thinking about how to get all these different parts of my life to work together, instead of working against each other. There are a lot of demands on my time these days with the new teaching job, but I am teaching language arts. I want to encourage young writers, and I know they are out there because even at the third grade level, I see talent in some of these kids.

So…I am adding a new section to designed to put the spotlight on emerging young writers, whether they are kindergartners or high school seniors.

I am inviting parents and teachers to encourage their young writers to send me some of their best work, and I’ll give it exposure on There is nothing like a little attention to get a young writer inspired. I still remember the first time I saw my own byline in our junior high newspaper in Jefferson City. Once you get a little recognition of your talent, it just grows!

Of course I’d want parental permission to run anything written by a student, and I can’t run everything, but I’ll choose at least one piece a month that I feel deserves recognition. If you are interested in participating, contact me at Parents, send me a photo of you and your young writer along with the story, and your phone number so I can verify that you want your writer’s story published. Tell me a little about them, how long they have been interested in writing, and which school system they attend.

Young people….write on! Your future awaits you!