Maggie’s Clear Blue Morning


If the songs on Maggie Thorn’s new CD, The Other Side, sound deeply personal, that’s because they are.

This has been a huge year of change and challenge for Maggie.

She got married to the love of her life. That, she said, has been an incredible blessing.

“It’s changed my daily routine, but what has been most amazing is the way I now have someone else in my life and even a whole new family that loves me, and supports me and my dreams. The whole town of Puxico is my new home and wonderful extended family!” said Maggie. “My new favorite writing spot is my front porch swing, surrounded by fields, at the Lowery Farm. I feel amazingly grounded. And it gave me a new song-writing partner!” She noted Logan helped her out a lot on the title track of the cd. Her dad, Tony, was a co-writer on most of the cd.

So, there Maggie was, as happy as she had ever been
And then something happened that threw her life for a loop. A collapsed lung, disastrous for a country music singer.

But after a lengthy recovery, Maggie did, indeed, come out the other side, with a new depth and level of introspection she’d never had before.

“I really let my guard down for this cd,” she explained pensively. “The only song written specifically about myself was Grace, but the other songs were also personal in that they represented situations occurring in the lives of people around me.” So all the songs came from a very personal place.The one exception to that rule is her recording of Dolly Parton’s Light of a Clear Blue Morning. She chose that song because she found a new appreciation for life, and for the value of struggle in making one more appreciative of everything in life.

Maggie hopes her audience relates to the personal message in each song, and helps them see the value in their own lives.

“It really was a tough two years,” she commented. “It was tough physically and emotionally.”

At just 22, health issues were the last thing Maggie expected to encounter. And that points to the strength, and frailty, of each of us.

She says music was what helped her get through it.

“Music kept me motivated and distracted. It has a wonderful way of being there when everything else was uncertain,” explained Maggie.

And one of the things she did while writing the music for this album was to get back in touch with her country roots through artists like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, George Jones, and her personal favorite – Loretta Lynn. Maggie notes that she has never really gotten away from traditional country. It has always been at the core of her music.

But current artists also greatly inspired her, contemporaries like Natalie Hemby, Holly Williams, and Brandy Clark.

Her mission was clear to her on this album. She wanted to not write what she thought people wanted to hear, but what she thought people needed to hear.

“I wanted this to be deeper than a catchy song lyric and melody,” Maggie expressed, with both a smile and a look of concentration.

And she has much to look forward to this year, like the Josie Awards, which recognizes independent performers, and the shooting of a new video.

Interestingly, Maggie no longer sees what she does as “her music”.

“I am so honored and blown away by the kind words of encouragement I continue to get with my music. It’s not my music anymore. My perspective has completely changed. This music is yours. And God has just given me the gift to sing it from the other side,” explained the golden-haired songstress.

Don’t miss seeing Maggie at the Turning of the Tide Benefit, which again was another strange turn of events to take place.

“I was scheduled to play at The Landing in Van Buren on this date. But they were victims of the flood, and still don’t have their deck back. So it’s cool that I get to play at a benefit for people just like them, who lost so much in this flood. I hope what we do helps all of the flood victims. I know it’s been tough for them,” concluded Maggie.

And after the last couple of years, she fully understands what it means to feel that your life has been swept away by things you couldn’t control.

“Those things happen in life, whether it is a flood, or a health issue. And what helps us all get through those times is that we have our family, our neighbors, and our friends to help us,” she surmised.

Then, just like the Dolly Parton song says, the clouds suddenly clear and it’s like The Light of a Clear Blue Morning.



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