The Dash


Angela Pearson…they say life is all about the dash.

On a stone is written the date you entered this life, and the date you left this life.

Those two dates are important, but they are not nearly as important as the dash in between them.

And life is a dash…it goes by in a dash, at the speed of light.

Your dash was much shorter than it should have been, but it did not lack for quality or accomplishment. You are perhaps the bravest person I have ever known.

I feel I should have come to visit you more, but I could not bare it. My dad also died of a brain tumor, and I knew from the moment you were diagnosed what it meant, because I’ve been through it before. I knew how hopeful you were, and I was so afraid my face would betray my knowledge. I did not want my forced smile to take away from your hope. I am sorry I could not be as strong and as hopeful as you were and still are. I apologize, yet I know you understand. You have always realized most people are not as strong as you are.

If we were as strong as you, it would be a far different world.

There will be many who will miss you, and missing you will be an ache that will never go away. I pray that we can all take that ache and turn it into an incredible energy that will change the world for the better, as you have.

I have lost enough people in my life to do some significant thinking about what life is, and what death is.

I have reached the conclusion that they are actually only stages of development. Just as we are born into one reality, when we die, it is only the soul that makes its transformation, just as it did when we born into this earthly life.

When Amy was a toddler, I read an article about how often young children are able to remember a time before they were even born. In other words, they are able to remember their reality before they became earthly.

As I am always a curious person, I decided to test this theory out on Amy. So I asked her if she remembered anything before she was born.

She told me she remembered Jesus.

I asked her what she remembered.

She said Jesus gave her shoes because she would need them for this earthly life.

Angela, this is the day you turn in your shoes and exchange them for wings, because that is the way your soul started…in a reality that was not ruled by physical law.

You no longer need shoes.

So I guess you could say life is kind of like bowling.

You turn in your shoes at the end of the game.

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