The Wild West has never been wilder!


They’ve left behind a trail of dead bodies…that is…until this year.

The 8th Annual Costume Ball for OFRA (Ozark Family Resource Agency) will host its annual fundraising event Friday night at Poplar Bluff’s Black River Coliseum.

As usual, there will be fun, food, drinks, and some wild costumes, but this year’s event will be murder-less. This event is not a murder/mystery as in year’s past, but all the zany characters will be on hand in true OFRA fashion.

Tickets for the event are $30, and doors open at 6:30 p.m.

These events have turned into a community favorite every year, meeting the need for a fun costumed event for the public, and OFRA’s need for a good fundraiser to help pay for the many programs they offer their communities to battle domestic violence, child abuse, and the many problems that come with poverty.

This year’s theme is “The Old Frontier Saloon.” Expect to meet a myriad of outlaws and shady characters from Poplar Bluff’s Wild West. For tickets, go to

This is the eighth theatrical fundraiser for OFRA, and many of the same players come back year after year, out of a love for theatre, a love of OFRA, and a love for each other. They have become like family. Offstage, they’ve been there for each other through the trials of life.

“I first started with OFRA the first year they did Clue,” explained David Carroll, a now veteran of the productions. “I had so much fun. I love the theatre, I love these people, and I’ve really come to admire the job OFRA does. And we really have become like a family.”

Carroll describes his character this year.

“The Reverand Matthew Mark Luke Johnson is a less than pure traveling evangelist, with more than his fair share of secrets and skeletons in the closet. He’s a ‘reformed’ thief, robber, and gambler. He just figured out he could make more money using the Name of God than he ever could at the poker tables. He’s a fire and brimstone kind of preacher, with a Bible in one hand, and a flask in the other when no one is looking. He travels with his sidekick, Hellfire Brimstone, a crony from his poker days. Rev. Johnson claims to have saved Brimstone from his savage ways, but they make for quite a dubious pair,” laughed Carroll.

Carroll says he loved the OFRA productions because it’s a way of enjoying his love of the theatre, and at the same time give back to the community he loves.
“OFRA just does such great things for people in this area who really need that helping hand. I’m just glad to help out in my small way,” concluded Carroll.


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