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Patricia Orr likes tradition in her art.

“I guess I’ve always preferred a realistic approach to art,” she explains. “My favorite subjects are portraits, of people and animals. I love showing the life in them.”

The artist still remembers how much she loved coloring books as a child.

She still remembers her first serious art class in 7th grade.

From then on, she was hooked on art.

She continued with art at Drury University, at SMSU, and at Washington University. And she took many private classes all along the way.

All with the ambition of being the best artist she could be.

Orr paints mostly with oils and sometimes with watercolors. She loves landscapes, and loves doing botanicals in watercolor.

“I love impressionism, and I’d like to learn more about that style, and maybe implement that into what I do,” said Orr.

So, she is very much about the evolution of herself, and her art.

Her mother attended design school in St. Louis.

“She was an incredibly talented young woman,” Orr says with admiration in her voice. Her mother married her father, and life got in the way.

Her grandfather, father, and uncles all were musicians.

“All of them played at least one musical instrument, and my sister turned out to be a great pianist. Me…somehow that musical talent didn’t trickle down to me,” she added.

But she does love her art. It is her obsession.

Once she starts a piece, she admits time can get away from her.

“Most of the time I can’t stop painting until it is done. So I’m generally finished with a painting in about a week. But I’ve also had paintings that took me two to three weeks to finish,” she explained.

She paints in her home, though she has managed to carve out a “studio” area there.

Currently many pieces of her work are being shown at Vickie Glassman’s River Spirit Gallery in Van Buren.
“I love what Vickie is doing with her gallery,” offered Orr. “I love the way she is showcasing the talent of the Ozarks and Southern Missouri. It is just beautiful!”

Orr’s work can also be seen at another favorite Van Buren spot, The Landing.

Her love of Southern Missouri is evident in every paint stroke and nostalgic piece.

Van Buren is her home.

She loves it.
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She loves sharing it with the world.


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