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Science has proven that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses in humans. It can alert us to dangers in our environment and in our food. It has been key to the survival of humans through history.
But now science has shown that scent is far more powerful than we ever realized. It plays a huge role in every part of our lives, including even the mates we choose. Stores have found particular scents will promote shopping.
Realtors routinely use the power of scent to sell homes. People are drawn to scents that smell like home.
Melody Melloy of Scentfully Addictive candles and melts understands the power of scent.
She launched her candles and melts business in 2010, using 100 percent soy wax and fragrance oils.
“My mission became to expose people to a better type of candle,” explained Melloy.
“I started making them when I had a premature baby,” she continued. “He had underdeveloped lungs, and I found that soy candles were safer and more healthy. At the time, soy candles were very hard to find locally, so I decided to start making them myself.”
Then, before she knew it, the hobby turned into a business.
Since starting with the candles back in 2006, they have become very popular. They really started taking off in popularity in about 2010.
The candle market continually changes, though, said Melloy.
“People really don’t even burn candles much anymore. Now the melts have taken over because they are safer,” explained the candle maker. She added many places now have no-burn policies to decrease their insurance rates.
Also always changing are trends in scents. They change even by the season.
“Right now spring scents are popular. So I am doing a lot of fresh fruits and light florals. One of the favorites right now is strawberry rhubarb,” explained Melloy. The mixing of scents has also grown. These days it’s the mix that ads nuance to fragrance.
By autumn, scents like pumpkin, cinnamon, and pine will return in popularity.
“Scent is kind of like décor,” said Melloy. “People want to change the scent of their homes by season just as they frequently decorate differently for the seasons.”
Why do people love home scents so much?
“I think it’s because scent is very closely associated with memory,” explained Melloy. “A particular scent can take you right back to a particular place and time, and even a person.”
Big chains like Bath and Body Works helped propel the popularity of home scents, but Melloy says nothing can beat a home made scent because of its uniqueness.
“A home made scent can be a special blend of scents individualized to the person who wants it,” she concluded. “It’s that individuality and creativity that keeps it fun for me.”
Melloy has both a website for her candles and waxes at, and also a Facebook page. Contact her to develop your own individual scent for your home.

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