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There is just something charming about a small town downtown area. It has the feeling of home town, where everyone knows your name.
That is the feeling of Junebug’s, 107 Washington Street, in Doniphan.
As Dan and Aldina Cagle, owners of the shop, explain, that is exactly the feeling they want people to have when they enter their store.
Dan Cagle recalls how they opened the store in 2010 as a flea market.
“At that time we only had a booth for ourselves, and the rest of the market was vendors,” explained Cagle. “But after a few months of operating the store, I knew we wanted it to be more. So we transformed the store into an antiques and collectibles store.”
One of his original vendors, Tommie Mitchener, has helped the store a lot through bringing in high quality merchandise, ranging from antique furniture to vintage glassware.
“It’s our vendors that really make the store,” said Cagle.
Dan and Aldina took over the business from her aunt and uncle, June and Ray Kubal, which is, of course, from where the Junebug name came.
Dan admits operating this type of business can be addictive.
“Really, we’ve become hooked on searching for things to sell here,” he said. “We started out with yard sales and auctions, and now we are starting to purchase on Ebay and even have our own Facebook auction page called Junebugs Auction Group.”
All of that seems very far removed from California, where Cagle lived until 2002.
Since being here, he has trained cutting horses, become a realtor, and Aldina made use of her expertise in accounting as an office manager. Now she gets to enjoy time making crafts, like homemade dolls. And she loves gardening.
Junebugs just seemed a natural placed to start a retirement career.
Dan admits operating a business in a small town has its frustrations, but he is glad to see the internet being developed as another way to gain sales.
“I really expect the internet business to keep growing,” said Cagle.
But there is nothing quite like a cozy little store in a small town.
It’s the perfect place to browse and hear stories about the pieces found there.
Every antique and every collectible has a story.
The Cagles enjoy sharing those stories with people who love those things as much as they do.
Come in to browse anytime.
You’ll likely be greeted by the Cagles and their little dog, a Shitzu and Poodle mix that has found her way into their hearts after losing their beloved Kaylee last October. Dan has always been a dog person, having served in the military police as a sentry dog handler in the U.S. Army many years ago.
The couple has two four grown children between them, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild.
They are a family, and Junebugs is definitely a family store, with the feeling of home. Come for a visit, sit a spell, and pick up an item or two to make your home even more “homey”.
“That’s what we love to do…help people find things for their own homes that they will enjoy and love for years to come,” concluded Cagle. “Those are the things that make a house a home.”

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