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Patty Bishop is a country girl, and a photographer. So it makes sense that her favorite place to be, and to photograph is outdoors. She operates “Patty in the Country”, and offers viewers a glimpse into her world.
She lives near Patterson, MO and has been involved in photography since she was only about 11 years old.
“My dad bought a Super 8 camera back then, and I started making little movies with my younger brother. I think that’s where I developed the interest in photography,” she laughed.
From an early age, she also learned to love the outdoors.
“I think I get that from my mom,” she related. Her mother and dad were both from Western Kentucky, and she spent a lot of time on Kentucky Lake.
“I had cousins there, and we’d just go out hiking and playing in the woods from daylight to dark,” she recalled.
That love of being outdoors is still with her. She loves discovering nature through a camera lens, and helping others to discover nature. She also has a love for old things…old homes, old barns, old cars.
“I like things that have a sense of history about them,” she said. “I like imagining what they were like at the time they were built or made.”
So her photography has a sense of discovery and mystery about it.
“I’m not a portrait photographer at all. It is very rare for me to have a person in a photograph,” she noted.
She calls the beauty of Southern Missouri “The world’s best-kept secret”.
“That’s what I want to do. Help people discover the beauty around them. I like drawing attention to the small things that people often overlook. Maybe a small flower. Maybe a bee or butterfly, or a bird. I want to remind people that all of these things are connected to us. It is so important that we not lose that connection to nature,” said the photographer.
“If I can remind people of that connection, and help them realize the beauty around them, then I think what I’ve done is important,” concluded Bishop.
Bishop sells much of her work through She is also very active on Facebook.
If you can’t get out right now to take a hike through a cool forest, or visit a relic of an old barn to appreciate its beauty and history, then seeing Bishop’s photographs is the next best thing.
It’s like a bubbling brook. Refreshing.
She has a husband and now ten grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 to 21.
If she leaves a legacy to them, she hopes that appreciation of life and beauty and nature is at the top of that list.
“I hope that because of my work, they, and many people, will see the world in a slightly more different way,” said Bishop. “If I achieve that, I’ve achieved a lot.”
See more of her work at:
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