You are an artist!


People compliment me all the time on my artistic talent. And then they always follow up with, “I wish I could paint.”
Uh… can. You just need to do it.
Have you ever known of child who couldn’t color?
No…that’s because it never occurred to them that they couldn’t color. Someone gives them a box of crayons or markers, and they create art. They give themselves permission to be an artist, because it just seems natural to want to draw and color.
It is natural. And I am telling you that you have the ability to be an artist.
Are artists more talented than other people?
Maybe, but most of the time I don’t think so.
They are just more brave. They are not afraid to make mistakes. They are not afraid to try again.
And a lot of being a great artist has to do with finding your own style.
Some artists are technically great. Really….they can draw something so realistically it looks like a photograph.
I am not one of those artists. Maybe I could be, if I had the patience for it. But I don’t.
I like the way art feels. And to me what feels good is color, and texture…and color!
I may admire the realism of someone’s technique, but admiration will not necessarily make me feel that spark that color makes me feel.
So…here is my tip to every one of you. Go to the store. Buy some watercolor paper and water colors. That’s a good place to start because the supplies are relatively inexpensive. That way when you want to throw your first efforts in the trash, you won’t be lecturing yourself for wasting money.
And do some exploring. Look at the work of other artists and their styles. Look for what appeals to you.
Then start out drawing, and painting, and experimenting. Play with style, play with color.
Eventually you will get to the point that you think, “Hey….I kind of like that.”
And that is all that matters. Even if not a single other person agrees with you.
Painting is a form of self-expression, and no one has the right to censor you, including yourself.
So….paint…and have fun painting.
Because you are a natural-born artist.
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