Apron Liberation Day is coming!


It may not be on the official calendar yet, but Apron Liberation Day is coming!
People have been asking me about Apron Liberation Day, and this is its story.
Apron Liberation Day is celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day. So this year’s ALD is May 12.
As everyone who knows me can tell you, I love aprons. I love them because I think they are totally unrecognized as an art form and a fashion statement.
My apron love goes back to my grandmother, who always wore hers for cooking and other chores, like hanging laundry on the clothes line. Aprons are handy like that. You can never have too many pockets.
She loved floral fabrics, and pastels for the most part. You could find those fabrics in pretty much everything she wore and used, from her dresses, to her aprons, to even her dainty little handkerchiefs, which were always present.
To me, the apron is a representation of love.
But something happened to the apron over the years. Women stopped wearing them. I don’t recall ever seeing my own mother in an apron.
Well, some of it was economics. As the nation’s economy grew, along with clothing manufacturing, women did not rely on aprons as much to protect their clothing. In the old days, women did not have a closet full of dresses. They had their day dresses and their church dresses. Neither were plentiful, and so they were protected by the apron to make them last longer.
And then there was the women’s movement, which I totally support, but somewhere in all the dialogue, aprons were caught up as a symbol of forced domesticity. So women stopped wearing them.
Many of those aprons were tossed, and the remaining few were put in cupboards, drawers, and storage boxes. Many of them never saw the light of day again.
How sad.
So…I invented Apron Liberation Day as a day of recognizing the legacy of our mothers and grandmothers, and as a way of recognizing that the apron has been reborn.
The apron is no longer a symbol of forced domesticity.
It is a symbol of love and self-expression…and even a new fashion!
You may choose to resurrect your mother or grandmother’s apron from the cupboard, or you may choose to buy or make your own apron.
The point is, a great apron reflects who you are and your life’s story. It reflects the place from which you came, and the life destination ahead.
The apron is a symbol of respect, remembrance, love and hope.
So…this Apron Liberation Day…put on your apron. Wear it out into the world. Let people ask you about it, because I know they will.
And you can tell them, “Yes….this is my apron and I am wearing it in honor of Apron Liberation Day. Because I come from a long line of proud, intelligent, and beautiful women who have devoted their lives to family, friends, and in making the world a better place. And sometimes that can all get a little messy.”
That’s why you need an apron.

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