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Generally, people are not thrilled about standing in line.
That is, unless they are waiting in line at Poplar Bluff’s newest food sensation, the new and mobile The Original
Then, as Jim Hoyt notes, it is just part of the experience.
“It’s really a unique chance to get to socialize,” said Hoyt. “It’s really part of the fun.”
“We have been totally overwhelmed by the support this community has shown us,” he added. The Original Lemonade House Grille started serving last week from Poplar Bluff’s first food truck, parked at Barron Road near the Municipal Utilities location.
“We had over 200 people visit us just that first afternoon,” smiled Hoyt.
He agrees producing fresh food in such a small location has its challenges, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world.
“It has been fun to bring a new trend to Poplar Bluff and see the people’s reaction to it,” he observed. “We look forward to growing the business, and expanding our menu.”
Jim and Denise developed Easy Squeezy Lemonade as a fun project for their family, and as a way of raising some extra money. They frequented farmers markets and community events, serving up smiles and more flavors of lemonade than one could count.
Then food entered the picture, especially the now famous “Gilberto Dogs”, and the rest is now turning into Poplar Bluff food history.
They saw the food truck craze taking over in the cities, and they thought, “Why not Poplar Bluff?” So they began a process with the city of changing the city’s ordinance to allow for food trucks. It was a day of Food Victory when the City Council passed the measure, but also protecting the public and other businesses by requiring licensing and the same basic rules applicable to all restaurants in the city.
Food trucks have become popular because they bring the consumer greater variety in food choices, and because they allow operators to get their product to the public with a minimum of investment.
“It really makes the dream of having a restaurant and serving people food more reachable,” explained Hoyt.
“Fresh” is the key word at The Original Lemonade House Grille. Everything is made with fresh ingredients.
That is great for the consumer, and practical for the food truck owner, because space is at a premium. There isn’t space for freezers and frozen food.
Serving at the Original Lemonade House Grille is generally 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., though the schedule can change because of weather. You can follow the business and its daily schedule on Facebook or Twitter@happyinacup. Orders can be placed by phone at 573-776-8053.


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