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Jim and Robin Porterfield

TJames Porterfield 3James Porterfield 4James Porterfield 5The beautiful thing about humans is that we each see the world in our own way. A writer sees the world in words. A musician sees the world through that magical language of music, in which just a few notes can weave a story of sound.

Jim Porterfield is an artist. That means he sees the world in terms of color and form. And he sees it in a way that no one else does.

“I was born in Yuma, Arizona on a Marine Corps base,” said Porterfield, in telling his story of how his art came to be.

An artist’s style is all about who they are. Every experience is like a smudge of paint that adds to their story.

“My parents divorced, and my mother and I made our home in the little town of Pocahontas, Arkansas,” recalled the artist.

He says that even as a child, he was a dreamer. He knew he saw things that other people could not see.

“I had a wild imagination, and that had to go someplace,” said Porterfield. That imagination found its way to doodles on everything from his school supplies to canvas. More than one teacher was pleased, or not pleased, to find his doodlings on his turned-in homework.

He grew up, married the love of his life, Robin, and turned into a family of four. They moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1999, and still make their home there today.

No matter what type of day job he had, every evening would be spent working in his art studio.

“I’ve just never let go of that,” said Porterfield.  And now, he’s really glad that he never let it go, even in the days when art was not a money-maker.

Now, his number one goal is to create something that is going to grab and stimulate the viewer.

“I believe every work of art is an exciting story that is just waiting to be seen and translated by the viewer,” explained Porterfield.

And that is the crazy thing about art. Everyone who sees it interprets it according to their own life and their own experience.

“Art is the one universal language,” said the artist. “Man has been communicating through art since the beginning of time.”

Next time you are in Jonesboro, visit The Vue Salon and Spa at 2912 Browns Lane in Jonesboro, or the PakMail Printing and Shipping Center at 361 Southwest Drive in Jonesboro. They may not sound as if they are likely places for great art, but they are, because Porterfield’s work can be seen there.

“And I do art shows all over the country,” said Porterfield. “I will ship art work anywhere!”

The artist is also a part of Jonesboro’s powerful “Alive After Five” events, designed to celebrate the arts in downtown Jonesboro. The next event is March 19, 5 to 9 p.m.

“The best part of art is sharing it with people,” concluded Porterfield. “Art is always a conversation starter. If you want to meet great new friends, go to an art event. You meet the best people there!”






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